Diy From Dress To Unique Bag

I had this cute summer dress, but the stretchy waistband overstretched and became so loose. If you have anything like it or any dress that you don’t care to wear anymore, we can get started on this DIY.

Grab these materials:

  • Old dress
  • Thread
  • Needle
  • Sewing pins
  • Scissors

Depending on the length of your dress, you will cut the bottom part of the dress. Measure the length you want if it were a bag.

Turn the dress inside out. Fold in about 1/2″ from where you cut, then another 1/2″ in. Place sewing pins to hold the fold.

When you’re done with the hem, next step is to sew up and close the bottom. First, you have to hold the sleeves together. You should be able to shoot an arm through, and that will determine the position of where you will stitch the bottom to close it. Imagine if the dress is on a hanger if you sew up the bottom in that position, when you wear the bag in your arm the bottom will awkwardly twist.

Once you’ve figured that out, pin the length of the bottom of the dress except the both sides at the corner. Pinch the edge and form a perpendicular tip.Then pin the hem together at the bottom and do a back stitch slightly right where your blanket stitch is. A back stitch will make the bag’s bottom more secure.

Woohoo, we are done! Just place the inside in and you should have the printed side out and look…this lovely summer dress has turned into a bag!

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Nice…great use of beautiful material that you no longer wish to wear.

Franziska Lieber


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