by Becky Marshall

Diy: Pallet Wood Floor

Using free pre-cut pieces of wood from a pallet rehabber, I redid our pantry floor for less than $100 because I didn’t have enough money to buy a new floor from a wood floor warehouse. After collecting all the pallet pieces and assembling them, I made a “grout” using sawdust, polyurethane, and mineral spirits. A couple of semi-gloss polyurethane coats and we have a completely custom, one of a kind, unique floor!



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Rodrigo Molina
Rodrigo Molina

no es solo como se ve, sino q a lo mejor el unico dinero del que disponia el dueño de ese espacio, le alcanzaba para pallets, eso, o tener un piso q ya estaba capaz q muy desastroso, no se puede juzgar solamente por como se ven las cosas, todo tiene un trasfondo, mas en el diseño de interior y la arquitectura

Jon Kelsey

A lot of work for a look more suited to a barn or tavern.

Dianebernier Bernier


Dan Theman
Dan Theman

Sharani Khamis cool. One day, another place ;)

Dan Theman
Dan Theman
Reply to  Dan Theman


Sharani Khamis
Reply to  Dan Theman

me no likes :P My OCD makes me want to dig them blocks out one by one! Play like tetris and arrange all the dark blocks together, if not chuck it out! hehehe :D

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