Diy Recycled Crafts: How To Make DIY Cardboard Organizer

It takes an enormous effort to de – clutter my room and thus making such easy to do a craft of DIY Cardboard Organizers is something that I just had to make! I do not intend to keep my stuff randomly, but I have a complete dressing table and a drawer filled with makeup and other things that I just cannot trash! So to get all the mess cleaned up, I thought of making a fantastic DIY Cardboard Organizer that would keep all my things together systematically in one place.

This DIY Cardboard Organizer idea is when I started the hunt for the right craft supplies that would help me make this fabulous looking DIY Cardboard Organizer. My recent online shopping left me with enough cardboard boxes to make the boxes for the Cardboard Organizer. I always keep a stock of basic craft supplies handy, like a color and decorative papers, scissors, glue gun, decorative stones. Looking at this lovely DIY cardboard Organizer is something that took only one evening to make. There is no difficulty as such that you face while making this DIY Cardboard Organizer. And once it is ready you can use this cute DIY Organizer as a room decor idea too!


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Beverly Sotile
Beverly Sotile

Hi. I was wondering if you could tell me where the heck you got the awesome cardboard that you used that looks like a mirror on one side. I have looked everywhere and can’t find anything like it. I can’t even find thin cardboard that is long enough to do the sides of the shelves. Where do you find the thin cardboard like that? Thanks!

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