by Jacky

Diy Sea Fan From Palm Flower Stalk

It rained heavily the other day and a couple of the dried-up palm stalks fell into our garden. I was going to throw them away but one of them reminded me of a sea fan for some reason and I thought maybe I could make something out of it. I’ve been seeing a lot of sea fan art lately, mostly framed and I really like it. It was a little too busy and three-dimensional, so I trimmed a lot until I got something that was more or less flat and a lot simpler looking.

Cost Breakdown: $0

Palm stalk – Free

White paint & Brown paint – Free (leftover from when we painted the walls)

Sponge Paint brush – Free (already had it)

Piece of wood – Free (leftover from another diy project)

*If you don’t have access to a palm tree you could probably make this from a dried tree branch. Just look for one that has a lot of small branches.

I decided to white wash it vs. just painting because I wanted the fan to look more natural and rustic. Like it had just washed up on the shore. I mixed equal parts water to paint and brushed it on with a small foam brush, wiping most of it away as I went. Some areas required two coats but for the most part one was enough.

I also wanted the base to look rustic, so I used the scrap piece of wood as-is (no sanding). I used it writing side up because I kinda liked the look of it. Didn’t use water for this part, just stirred the brown paint up and applied it with a foam brush. This part took so little paint that I literally used only what was on the paint stick. I also wiped the paint away as I went.

I like how it turned out even though my hubby says it doesn’t look anything like a sea fan, but I think it does. Plus what the heck, it was free!


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