Diy Video Tutorial: Learn Origami Techniques!

Here’s a fun way to upcycle old magazines, those piles of snail-mail circulars, and more: Learn Origami Techniques! Our friends at have a video series starting with origami basics to more advanced skills.

Check out the DIY Video Tutorial to Learn Origami Techniques – a great family activity!

There are 25 different shapes you can learn to make – from easy beginner techniques to more advanced shapes like bats and swans. This would be a great rainy-day activity or a way to get those kids to put the electronics down when you amaze them with a cute frog or that flapping bat! This would be a great way to upcycle holiday wrapping paper too. Or better yet, surprise your children with notes of encouragement folded into adorable shapes they can proudly display!

Diy Video Tutorial: Learn Origami Techniques! 1 • Diy video tutorials

What a great rainy day activity for the whole family! With a terrific DIY Video Tutorial series ranging from the basics like this adorable paper boat to moving & puffing shapes or critters, you’re sure to learn and have fun at the same time!
Learn Origami Techniques starting from basics, to water bombs, cat, dog, rabbits and more.

Each chapter in this video series is short, simple, and easy to follow. Instead of just putting a note in your kid’s lunchbox, why not put a note folded into a cute bunny shape, or a ladybug to make it more special? Your kids will surely work their way through the whole lunchbox looking for the hidden prize.
Learn Origami Techniques now advance to harder projects, like a cicada, a bowtie, an inflatable bunny and more!

Imagine your children’s delight when they find an inflatable bunny or a cool ninja star in their lunch? Maybe a creepy cicada or snake for Halloween? Or they can rock their own personal style with a folding tie or bowtie.
Learn Origami Techniques like this giant swan or wicked little bat!

Imagine making your own folding bats or giant swans that you could use for holiday decor? Now you’ll be able to learn!
Learn Origami Techniques - check out more DIY Video Tutorials from our friends at has hundreds of great DIY video tutorials that you can check out!


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