Diy Video Tutorial: Reclaimed Cedar Flower Pot

Watch my DIY Video Tutorial and learn how to make a Reclaimed Cedar Flower Pot! I used reclaimed wood from an old swing set.

Dark Horse Woodworking shows you how to make an elegant Reclaimed Cedar Flower Pot!

The pot is tapered from top to bottom for a unique appearance. The clean lines will blend nicely with most decor styles, and because it is cedar, it is bug resistant.

This Reclaimed Cedar Flower Pot is tapered from top to bottom, giving it a clean, elegant line. This is beautiful enough to have in almost any decor!
Make this planter for indoor or outdoor use. Make a pair for your front entry, or as a gift for a friend or family member.
Easily make Reclaimed Cedar Flower Pot projects like this with the help of the DIY Video Tutorial.
My DIY Video Tutorial will take you step-by-step through this project.
Learn tricks and shortcuts watching the Diy Video Tutorial for these Reclaimed Cedar Flower Pots
You’ll learn easy ways to speed up the process that you can apply to future pallet (or non-pallet-wood) projects.
Make this Reclaimed Cedar Flower Pot easily with only a few basic tools, including a table saw.
Everyone can build this project with only a few simple tools and a handy table saw!

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Hilde Nakkash

pallets made out of cedar wood?

Reply to  Hilde Nakkash

Hi Hilde – although this one is made from upcycled cedar, you could certainly make this style of flower pot out of pallet wood or other upcycled wood. Although not common, Cedar falls into the softwood category and will occasionally get used to make pallets. Additionally, you will rarely luck out and find exotics such as mahogany for example, as they aren’t exotic in other countries. Keep an eye out and just because that pallet is silvered or gray, sand it and see what you get. You never know… :D – HS.

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