Diy Video Tutorial: Recycled Plastic Bottle Bird Feeder

The Recycled Plastic Bottle Bird Feeder seen here is made with an upcycled 2-liter plastic bottle and heat-treated pallet wood. This is an easy DIY project for anyone to tackle while giving the birds a great place to have a nice picnic lunch! What’s better than that?

Check out the DIY Video Tutorial and learn how to make your own Recycled Plastic Bottle Bird Feeder!

Another great idea from Dark Horse Woodworking! Thanks for submitting!

Diy Video Tutorial: Recycled Plastic Bottle Bird Feeder 1 • Garden Ideas
The local birds will surely appreciate your efforts with this cute little bird feeder. It is an easy project to make, and you’ll be helping the environment and your chirpy local friends!

If you’re feeding the birdies, now you’ll need to make some Birdhouses like these Rustic Pallet Birdhouses and these Upcycled Material Birdhouses!


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