Wine Bottles Shelves

Zero waste not only thought up these shelves stacked on used wine bottles but, share the full DIY instructions to make them.


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Chris Kampf
Chris Kampf

Loving your art work. Very inspirational. I will keep an eye on what you’re up to. My semi recycled metal sculptures are the complete opposite…you can’t recognise the recycled parts.
Cheers, Chris


That’s really tacky.

G england
G england

I like this idea but I wonder what the weight limit is on these shelves. I would seem that any weight would be placing downward pressure on the neck of the bottle. I think if I had the tools that I would cut the neck from the bottle and use the bottom portion like a column to be placed inside a recess of each shelf. I see that the turnbuckles are used to add stiffness stability to the shelf but it seems to take away from elegance of the shelf. Perhaps some all thread instead of eye hooks going through… Read more »

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Great idea – and looks really cool too!

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