by Manos Mpatzolis

Doll Eyes Recycled Into Original Ball Ornaments

Handmade and unique art sculpture made with recycled doll eyes on a ball from the foam and pinned strass by the hand. The eyes open and close when rotated like In the olden vintage dolls. More works at PopRenaissance.


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Irving Sherwood

….with cameras.

Annie Tremblay

Creepy… ?

Mandy Howard
Reply to  Annie Tremblay

very creepy

Jeannette Pamaylaon

That’s super creepy

Jane Clark

I would totally put that on the tree I don’t put up.

Leanne Lonergan

Oh my! Must try!

Danni Emery

Oooh yes!

Danni Emery

Creepy Christmas alright! Graeme, Mark

Anna Trei

oh god why…

Robin De Ath

Looks like a beholder….

Judy Delbridge


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