Christmas Ornaments From Old Books

By Paper Cut Studios

Reinventing Tramp Art and saving schools and libraries the high cost of disposal of books.

Doll Eyes Recycled Into Original Ball Ornaments

By Neokentin

Handmade and unique art sculpture made it with recycled doll eyes.

Upcycled Bike Gear Into Ornaments

By UrbanVeggie

Repurposed upcycled bike gears have been handcrafted into original art pieces for the home. The posted photos show a conceptual design that the artisan and consumer can use as an […]

Eco-friendly Holiday Ornaments

By Neokentin

These Eco-friendly ornaments are made from the most common materials found in your recycling bin. Cardboard, cans, can tops, old coat hangers, pull taps and bottle caps are creatively reused […]

Upcycled Plastic Bag Into Christmas Decorations

By Upcycled Design Lab

I know that some folks think plastic bags should be outlawed, but I think of them as crafting supplies. I made these pom pom balls and fused plastic ornaments because […]

Scrabble Christmas Ornaments

By Ronja Lotte

Today I made my first Christmas decoration and embellished a few datura branches. Usually, I plaster every centimeter of my flat with stars at Christmas time but this year I […]

Light Bulbs Upcycled Into Xmas Tree Ornaments

By Neokentin

You can craft spectacular Christmas ornaments if you keep your burnt out light bulbs!

Newspapers Origami Wreath

By Neokentin

This wreath cost almost nothing: the origami is made from newspapers, the ornaments had old, crusty varnish and the wire was left over from a friend’s floral project. Even the […]

Computers Memory Recycled For Christmas

By Neokentin

I’ve been recycling computers into art for a while now, and there always seems to be extra memory sticks left over. So for this, I took the prettiest looking RAM, […]

Brooches Made of Recycled Eyeglasses

By Neokentin

Handmade brooches made of recycled eyeglasses decorated with beads and metal ornaments. Made by “Leniobutterfly“.

Christmas Tree Made of Useless Law Books

By Neokentin

Thatcher Wine of Juniper Books in Boulder Colorado comes up with an idea for making a Christmas Tree out of books every year. This past Christmas he used olive green […]

Rediscover Tree Branch

By Mary Beth Trautwein

Last year’s christmas tree became an ornament for this year’s tree. The a branch was sawn off and sanded to created disc shapes which were burned with seasonal motifs.

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