by Cristin Frank

Dollhouse Accessories Made From Recycled Batteries

Tiny things are always cute, but who looks at a dead battery and thinks, tiny cute thing? Well after you see the possibilities, you might! For this project three batteries were upcycled and used as the structure for three creative dollhouse accessories: a suitcase, serving tray and thermos. With some paperclips, recycled nylon fabric and some hot glue these projects are easy and fun.
The suitcase was made with a 9-volt battery wrapped in nylon; beads for the wheels and a paperclip for the handle. Zipper pulls were made from the metallic board recycled from a foil box.
The serving tray was made from a CR2430 battery and decorated with scrapbook paper. Paper clips were repurposed as tray handles.
The thermos was once an A23 battery, now wrapped in red and plaid papers. Again a paperclip was employed for the cup handle.
You’ll never look at old batteries the same!



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Madonna Sullivan

put them in the recycle bin, not for play.

Vicky Lindo Kemish

In our town they don’t go into regular recycling. You have to take them to the transfer station and put them in the appropriate area.
But you are right! Don’t mess with these.


Cute, but old batteries can leak acid and should only be properly discarded. Use something more inert to make your cute little items! Why spend so much time making something that might leak and damage your dollhouse?

Georgina Verbena

very creative design but with recycleable materials please !

Virginie Pfaff

Nicely done but chemicals leak from batteries… bad for kids!!


Batteries should not be used as toys. There are instances of children dying in horrific pain after swallowing the flat round type of battery used in watches etc. they can cause massive internal bleeding due to a chemical reaction. This is a ridiculously careless post. What next? Making toys from live gun cartridges????

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