by Atelier 4/5

Six Doors by Atelier 4|5

Atelier 4/5 is, in other words, design for everyone. Simple operations on old items found on the flee market are the basis of their craft. They indeed aim at giving a second life to objects having an interesting forms or texture. A bit of restoration can get a furniture or a lamp a second wind, but it is often the combination between the old piece and a contemporary touch that will give the contrast and bring forward the original item.

Here, their latest creation called “Six Doors”. This furniture is made out of 95% re-used material : the structure is made with waste wood we found on a carpentry and doors are old formica seat stools we found on a flea market. Only the paint, the screws and hinges are new.

If you like this, check their website and their facebook page : atelier 4/5 !



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Atelier 4/5 via Facebook

Thanks ! Follow us here too : Atelier 4/5 :)

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