by Sotirios Avramiotis

Dragonfly Couch

A couch I made from construction material I collected from the sea, and thrown away old construction materials. The last 5 years I am running and living in the family business, a small hotel in Corfu Greece and I try to move it in a more environmentally and socially friendly way. I have the luck of living next to the sea and there’s also right next to the property a small stream that comes from a mountain above and it passes through an old ghost village, the Old Spelio. After some time I realized that much of the material I found in the sea was actually used construction material from that village. From old cut stones, to clay bricks and old roof tiles, usually found in pieces. After some time, I mastered the technique of building with stones and I started reshaping the garden and the buildings of the hotel using these materials. The results are really pleasing to me, and they are distinguishing the place from the typical “hype” or “glamourous” type of tourist accommodation that you find in Corfu.
The materials I used to build this couch were mainly collected from the sea in front the property -like the stones and some of the bricks- and the rest are thrown away material that I collected, or that I found in abandoned and wore down houses in near villages -like the 2 beautiful big stones I used for the back of the couch, these stones originally were used to build the windows of old houses-. Usually, this type of material is used as a base to be covered with cement, for new constructions like houses etc. The process is ongoing, I have many projects going on right now, based on the different type of material that I collect. P.e., I also collect pieces of tiles that I find in the sea, from the tourist boom of the 80’s and 90’s, and I am making mosaics with them but, unfortunately I don’t have anything presentable at this point (hopefully I will have most of the projects done by next spring).
If you like my work or, if you have any suggestions or ideas that you like to share with me, drop me a line! :)




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