Punch & Sit

By Neokentin

Bringing together two fundamentally different objects or materials is an interesting task. In this particular case an old punching bag from the training cellar & a tapestry from the flea […]

The S&p Winchester Clock

By dpcreativespace

This “S&P Winchester Clock” is a tribute to my friend Larry, and his love of guns. I wanted to show him how much I value learning about the history of […]

Upcycled Chairs Get New Life With Snazzy Seat Covers

By Yolaki

Rescue those old chairs sitting for curb alerts and give them a budget-friendly facelift. Use fun and cheery material found at swap meets or flea markets to save more money […]

Outdoor Sitting Mattress From Recycled Plastic Cement Bag

By Waldemar Sha

So this is my first attempt to make something from plastic cement bags. I was inspired by this the article on Recyclart: Recycled Cement Bag Into Sustainable Fashion. But all […]

1950s Circa Chair Makeover with 12 Upcycled Leather Belts

By Gerry Mckenna

It is a circa 1950’s chair I found in a bit of a mess, I gently sanded to remove some paint and marks, but I have left the original patina, […]

I Am Not a Bath, I Am Upcycled Outdoor Seats

By Neokentin

Helen Stephenson is making a splash with her new collection of outdoor seating. The everyday bath has been upcycled and transformed with beautiful intricate mosaic patterns and sparkling mirror tiles. Using reclaimed chrome tubular frames from office chairs and waterproof seat cushions upholstered in discarded umbrella fabric, I am not a Bath invites the viewer to immerse in the upcycle ethos.

Bench From An Old Headboard

By Patrick Hoesterey

I got this idea from a flea market-themed reality TV show. So when I saw a neighbor getting rid of an old twin bed frame, I decided to try it […]

Art Deco Belt Chair

By Neokentin

When I found this cool Art Deco chair frame in the alley, I knew it was perfect for my second Belt Chair. Missing a seat, the frame is still strong […]

Recycled Pallet Into Stools

By danielsbros

Using old pallets and a fallen ash branch we made these stools. The pallets, after being broken up and de-nailed were glued together, planed and sanded. The legs were formed […]

Upcycled Cable Chair

By Neodim

After finding a discarded red chair, I knew the original woven plastic was beyond repair. But the red metal frame was in great shape. So I set about finding a […]

Sit on Grass

By JeanMarc

Grass is the name of new collection of Stools made by Jean-Marc Attia from Marron Rouge in France. GRASS is the discovery of an unexpected material which recovers sports fields […]

Blue Pallet Creations by Something Southernelle

By Something Southernelle

I used heavy duty blue pallets to make these ones of a kind pallet creations. I then brightened them up by first using brown and blue and some orange or […]

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