Easy Pallet Ideas For Your Garden Or Balcony

Pallets are always an easy way to decorate your garden or balcony or terrace, needing minimum cost… but they can also be used as pallet planters, for example. See some ideas below:

  1. Even on the smallest balcony, if you set a pallet on one side, it could serve as a base for potting (horizontal or vertical). You can create the feeling that you have more plants of whether you place separately while your space remains to insert table and chairs…
  2. If you have a garden, use pallets to plant vegetables or herbs!
  3.  Using pallets, you can separate spaces in the garden or balcony…
  4. Just putting a pallet on the wall, you can organize and store kid’s beach items or garden tools.
Source: 1001Gardens
Source: 1001Gardens

As always, before working with recycled wooden pallets, be careful with the pallet you have and be sure that the pallet you have is safe for your health. You will find a detailed article @1001Pallets to give you all the information to check if your pallet is safe for use.


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