by Anya Dany

Easy-r Crafting: Old Cloth Reuse

Master’ students from Lund University in Sweden conducted academic project with SOUL! The aim is to combine applied art with ideas of Sustainable development.
‘EASY-R’ – five girls from China, Sweden, India and Ukraine initiated project which idea is to reuse fabrics and to raise societal awareness of the environmental impacts of the clothing industry. The impact of ‘fast fashion’ is huge as people’s changing wardrobe creates disposal of clothes either at the landfills or is sold overseas. Thus in September last year EASY-R started collection of old cloth among their friends in order to produce something new and hopefully useful out of “trash”. Moreover, in December they provided set of workshops teaching young people what they can do with their damaged/stained T-shirts, socks, tights, jeans etc.
Here you can see implementation of some ideas: shopping bag made out of old T-shirt, necklace and bracelet form broken tights, some Christmas decoration made from different types of stuff (sweater, anorak, pillow and broken tree twigs).
EASY-R hopes that You will find some inspiration in their work and will Make Change Happen :)



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