Ecological Artwork Using Natural/Found Materials

I create Ecological Artwork using regional materials found in the South of France. When I create my projects, I wish to use only natural materials or found objects, which I recycle. Examples are empty shells, drift wood, rusty steel, pallet wood, and more.

My target is simplicity, and to show the essential in my Ecological Artwork.

Ecological Artwork like this sardine-themed wall art piece are made with upcycled materials, such as pallet wood, rebar, wire and more.
This fun little art piece features upcycled wood from pallets, scrap wire, and bits of rebar or other metal as a stand base. Artwork that’s fun to look at AND saving the landfills!
Ecological Artwork like this little sculpture on wire makes you think of a sea creature, such as a puffer fish.
Using items like driftwood and a simple piece of scrap wire coiled up as the base, you can use your imagination to see the sea creature lurking within the grain of the wood.
Ecological Artwork like this upcycled vase that is made by using an upcycled pot and bits of scrap wire.
Upcycling objects like discarded pots and bits of wire become a fun corner vase.

Turn common items in the kitchen into amazing Metal Sea Creatures! Decorate a boring window with a fun Pallet Trim Treatment.

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