Eiffel, Barstool With Recycled Oak Wine Barrel

Stil Novo Design’s gorgeous interpretation of the classic bar stool is entirely made of recycled oak and galvanized steel hoop ‘rescued’ from discarded French wine barrels.

Our Eiffel is a stunning high stool that can easily be integrated into any room of the house as a distinctive piece of home decor; its unique height makes it an ideal addition to living rooms, party spaces, bedrooms, and entries, besides the traditional kitchen isle.

Eiffel is a perfect combination of sturdiness, functionality and inimitable style. By using the natural arch of a barrel stave and the curviness of the metal band we are able to create this particularly striking profile.

The outside of the legs is stained with the red wine previously held in the barrel and complemented with a rich ‘cherry chocolate’ finish, while the seat’s top and underside of the stove is stained with a warm golden oak color. The actual barrel’s galvanized steel hoop is used to aesthetically enhance the piece’s silhouette.

Eiffel_sotto copy

Eiffel_MAIN copy

Eiffel#3 copy


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