Hand Knitting Tutorial: Upcycle Old Yarn Or Clothing Strips

I’ve learned a new technique that’s fast and easy to learn. This technique is perfect for those old skeins of yarn or t-shirt strips! Rapidly create wearable items using only your hands! Look at the beautiful end product! My short Hand Knitting Tutorial shows you how!

Upcycle old yarn or cut those old T-shirts into thin strips to try out this Hand Knitting Tutorial.

IT – Ho scoperto questa tecnica molto semplice, ve la ripropongo con un video. Guardate che bello il risultato finale! ES – He aprendido esta nueva tecnica, es muy sencilla y rapida te la explico en este video. Mirar que lindo el resultado final!!!

Turn old tobacco pouches into woven purses!

Upcycled Etched Glasses Made From Bottles

At Greenvine Glassworks, upcycling is a way of life with these Upcycled Etched Glasses from bottles.

We custom make our Upcycled Etched Glasses by hand to create unique products!

We gather empty bottles from restaurants, remove the labels and clean them. After we cut them (check out how to cut a glass bottle) to the height needed we use a 5 step grinding and smoothing process to add the perfect drinking curve on the rim. We hand-etch every glass or mug with a Dremel. We can add virtually any design and personalize it to our client’s desires. Additionally, we use stainless steel hardware when we turn bottles into coffee mugs. All glass can hold hot or cold drinks. Check out our Amazon Page!

hand-etched Upcycled Etched Glasses are created using a Dremel tool!
Turn bottles into unique works of art like these initialed glasses. Imagine these as wedding gifts, or housewarming gifts too!
Sugar and spice, and everything nice...or not so nice like this adorable coffee mug in an anti-pumpkin-spice theme!
Who needs pumpkin when you’re the spice? This coffee mug will tell the world the truth!
Sometimes words are more powerful than pictures, like this coffee & dog themed set of Upcycled Etched Glasses.
This mug speaks the truth. :D
Upcycled Etched Glasses can be turned into mugs too!
Warn them if this is true. Nothing easier than to have your morning warning right in your cup.
Upcycled Etched Glasses can be made in a myriad of patterns. This set is done in a pineapple theme.
After you make (or buy) these pineapple glasses, you only need a naughty – or nice – beverage in it!

Decorate your fireplace with 4,500 pennies!

Upcycled Bottle Brooches/Corsages

We handmade these Upcycled Bottle Brooches or corsages using plastic bottles, beads, buttons, baubles and felt.

Upcycled Bottle Brooches – a unique way to dress up those outfits!

All of the designing, cutting, melting, staining, gluing and sewing is done by hand to create these unique, wearable works of art.

Each brooch has a pin back and is presented in a lovely little Fancy Tat box, so they’re great for gift-giving. The average diameter is 60mm. Treat yourself! Treat someone you love! Or both!

Upcycled Bottle Brooches1
Upcycled Bottle Brooches2
Upcycled Bottle Brooches3
Upcycled Bottle Brooches4
Upcycled Bottle Brooches5
Upcycled Bottle Brooches6
Upcycled Bottle Brooches7
Upcycled Bottle Brooches7
Upcycled Bottle Brooches8
Upcycled Bottle Brooches9

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Candlestick Made from Pallet Wood & Scrap

Small cubes candlesticks made of recycled wood pallets and metal scrap. Size 10×7 cm. With hole for tea warmers. Feel real wood without paint and emulsion.

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Globein.com – Artisan Bathe Box Review

When you’ve had a hard day at work – or crafting – or searching for holiday deals before Black Friday, it’s nice to be able to pamper yourself a bit. Most of us HAVE splurged on a gift basket of bath products (or other types of gift baskets) to pamper ourselves, but think about it: wouldn’t it feel better if you spent that cash, pampered yourself AND helped a micro-business? Why just pump the money you’ve worked so hard for back into a giant, faceless corporation?

Here’s where Globein.com can help. But why Globein.com? Here’s a reason:

Treat yourself to beautiful, distinct products from around the world that support remote artisans and farmers.

A very quick summary of their mission is that the company scours the world and looks for individuals or small co-ops/micro-businesses that need a helping hand. They’ve got unique and good-quality products, but the very little opportunity (such as difficulty even accessing the ‘net) to sell their goods. This company helps them with the marketing  – supporting hard-working craftspersons – many being women.

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One artisan box, the “Bathe” box, as an example, employed 30 women and supports fifteen families. Not bad for a relatively small amount of money you would’ve spent anyway.

All Rights Reserved

Additionally, Globein.com says that if you find a particularly interesting product in your world travels, to send in the information about the artisan or small business to them, and they’ll reach out! Kind of cool, huh? You could help support that person who made the beautiful product you picked up in Bali, or Mexico, or hundreds of other areas of the world.

On to the Bathe box… here’s what it has inside:

  • Pestemal Bath Towel from Turkey
  • Lemongrass Citrus African Black Soap from Togo
  • Hand Towel from Turkey
  • Shea & Red Palm Body Lotion from Togo
  • Silk Face Scrub from Turkey
  • Handwoven Basket from Mexico

You have options to choose bath towel and hand towel colors. The basket comes with several things, and all of them have their own story. So much so that when you open the shipping box, inside on top of the wrapped basket sits a little booklet, and each page tells you about the artisans and the product they made.


I got to try the Bathe basket today, and it was a bit of a mixed bag, er…basket for me. I’ll just follow along with the contents list.


  • Pestemal Bath Towel from Turkey – I found this to be the most unusual piece of the basket, and I was rather baffled. I’m used to large, thick, and fluffy bath towels. The color doesn’t matter much to me, as long as it’s bright and cheery. This bath towel seems well-made and has cute little tassels, but it is thin. I’m not talking like those discount retail store towels. This is thin like a scarf. In the photos I’m including, you can see the light of the TV through it, as well as the low-wattage bulbs in my living room light. Perhaps that’s the norm in some parts of the world, but I didn’t enjoy it as a towel, so I’ll actually end up using it as a scarf when I ride a motorcycle! It’s pretty – a lovely purplish tone.


  • Lemongrass Citrus African Black Soap from Togo – I liked this. I love the scent of lemongrass, and the bar didn’t seem to dry my skin out, nor did it feel heavy and greasy like some of the moisturizing bars can be. The only detractor is the color. It’s about the color of a caramel candy. But the bonus: every time you turn on your shower, and the steam reaches the bar; you smell lemony fresh.


  • Hand Towel from Turkey – This hand towel is lovely. Thick, soft, and has a satin-like decorative trim and fringe. It is exactly what I like in a hand towel, and is generously sized as well. It came in a very pale seafoam color, and I’d put it out for guests if I weren’t planning on using it myself, haha!


  • Shea & Red Palm Body Lotion from Togo – This lotion had a nice scent and left your skin feeling silky without feeling greasy. My husband complained about the scent, which he did acknowledge was light, but then he complains about ANY product with ANY scent, so just ignore him. :-P


  • Silk Face Scrub from Turkey – This was the most surprising item in the basket. The description in the booklet explains how tough silk is, and where it comes from, and that because of the durability, it makes an excellent gentle, but effective facial scrub. I had serious doubts, particularly since it’s just a little bag. Literally only big enough for two fingers, and it doesn’t quite reach my palm. I scoffed. Then I scrubbed. And then I believed! It felt very scratchy when it was dry, but when it was wetted down, it became much softer, but still did a gentle and effective scrub. My face felt smooth! And that’s saying something with my old mug! If I could make a suggestion, it would be to make a scrub mitt. I’d love these as a body scrubber! Hint, hint @Globein.com!
  • Handwoven Basket from Mexico – This was cute. I like the reusable packaging. This nicely-woven, but soft and flexible little basket with a snug-fitting lid came in a red and cream color. It’s very cheery, and with the color, I know just the family member who will enjoy receiving a hand-made gift in this little basket. It’ll be one that our family will use for years to come.


These artisan baskets would make excellent gifts. Plus, the website has many other products available – either bundled, individual items, or as a recurring pampering product.

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And now, if you’ll excuse me, they also have jewelry on the Globein.com website.

Globein, The Startup That Empower and Connect Third-world Artisans With Shoppers

San Francisco-based startup GlobeIn is a platform where small artisans from all around the world can sell their goods to a vast international clientele. GlobeIn’s mission is to build a more positive world. They bring you delightful, useful products that have an impactful social mission behind them. They help you live a better lifestyle by experiencing these products.

GlobeIn believes you feel better when you consume better. Whether it’s putting better foods into your body, buying an item for your home from an indigenous weaver or simply knowing where your stuff comes from, your purchases should leave you fulfilled and happy.

Buying better should not be a burden. GlobeIn does the work for you. They seek out beautiful, well-made products and trace their origin to ensure that they are doing social good and we share that knowledge with you.

When you buy something on GlobeIn, you are buying a thing that is more than just a thing. You are buying good things from good people that do good. You are purchasing products that support a more positive world.

GlobeIn is dedicated to supporting artisans and farmers from all walks of life with an emphasis on people in the developing world. GlobeIn is dedicated to reducing poverty by giving these individuals, and subsequently their communities, a global audience.


The GlobeIn website, which is an ETSY like website but more focused on global crafts, is a collection of goods from artisans from countries like Mexico, Egypt, Haiti, and Ghana, among others. As for ETSY, products are divided into simple categories (for example apparel, accessories, jewelry, instruments, etc.), and online customers could browse through all the items available to find what they are looking for.

As CEO Vladimir Ermakov – who co-founded the business alongside with Anastasia iron & David Gorodvansky – say:

We saw an opportunity to help these people further by providing a marketplace for things they’re producing in these remote regions.

The goal of GlobeIn is to empower remarkable artisans in remote areas and to gives them the tools to built their sustainable businesses by providing connection and guidance.


Many artisans who are present on the GlobeIn platform, don’t have any access to Internet, some of them don’t even know what the internet is. With the help of regional managers to oversee shipping and manage money transfers to the artisans, these artisans are now able to sell their crafts to the international audience provided by GlobeIn.

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GlobeIn is far from the traditional e-commerce platform who are just focusing on the products themselves; they are more focused on the artisans by telling the stories of each artisan behind each product.

My good friend and partner David and I have read books by Nobel Peace Prize winner, Mohammad Yunus, about microlending and social business, and saw that while organizations like Kiva can help start small businesses in remote regions, they still needed a platform to take them to the next level. We decided to build this platform for the artisans in developing countries.

Ermakov says.


All Rights Reserved

For example, the GlobeIn website features descriptions of the artisans complete with photos and videos. GlobeIn believes in transparency regarding the identities the artisans behind the products. How does GlobeIn benefit artisans?

We are a social business that empowers remarkable, remote artisans by giving them global reach. We do so by paying artisans (and farmers) fair prices for the products they make. Subscription model allows us to place large volumes with the producers. As a result, we are able to optimize logistics, offer our customers great value products, while ensuring that more money goes to the artisans. For artisans large orders also mean a steady income that is predictable and reliable, something they appreciate much more than large but unpredictable payouts.

As opposite to ETSY, which charges a small fee per listing, the listing of the goods from the artisans is free, but GlobeIn adds a markup to the artisans’ prices. Are GlobeIn products fair trade certified?

We source all the products either directly from artisans and cooperatives or through a network of partner organizations. In every case we make sure that artisans and farmers are paid fair wages for their products. Not all organizations we work with are fair trade certified but all respect and work under fair trade principles.

GlobeIn adventure started in Dec. 2011 when COO Anastasia Miron traveled through Mexico, searching for artisans and began to post some of the crafts she found to the online marketplaces like eBay.

As Ermakov says:

She proved that this can really work. People were really interested in buying these crafts, artisans were really happy, shipping worked.


GlobeIn is continuously working to expand its artisan’s network, internally and through partnership and they are open to working with other companies who are already helping artisans to sell their products.

Ermakov says:

We see ourselves as an open platform that helps promote artisans and helps them reach the consumers, but the interaction with the artisans can be done by other organizations that are already doing it much better than we could. As long as they respect fair trade principles, we would love to partner with them and be the technology side of the solution.

GlobeIn is focused on having a “really solid user experience” and presenting the artisans’ stories, as well as their works.


As GlobeIn states on their about page:

We are dedicated to supporting artisans from around the world and in developing countries where, after agriculture, artisan goods are the second largest source of employment. By supporting us, you help reduce poverty by giving these artisans and their communities, a global audience. To help you connect with our gifted artisans, every month we highlight one artisan or artisan collective and ask you to crowd-fund their special project.

Will you shop on GlobeIn? After reviewing the GlobeIn website, I will personally do!


Stay tuned for a review of the Artisan “Bathe” Box From GlobeIn!

EXCLUSIVE BONUS: This coupon will save you $10 off with a purchase of a 3-month or 6-month subscriptions. Use this code: RECYCLART

Tiny Button Trees – By Fancy Tat

Tiny Button Trees – Made from upcycled buttons, beads, bells and used corks. Each tree is lovingly constructed by hand. We carefully select every button and bead to create these tiny trees. Every tree is completely unique due to the variety of materials used. Ideal Christmas decorations for your own home or as gifts for your loved ones.


Recycled Clothing Lamb

TouchedbyLavender artist uses recycled clothing to make adorable animals and fantasy creations. With wire skeletons, all of the creations are fully poseable. The faces are made from polymer clay. “Pumpkin” the baby lamb was made from a recycled white vest.


Upcycled Lamps by Studio Oryx

Studio ORYX – Upcycle and recycle vintage items into unique handmade design lamps.
Our goal is to create lighting crafts by giving a new interpretation, usually with a humorist wink, and reviving the original aesthetics of old materials. We curate vintage items from flea markets around the world, restore them by giving a unique twist to their initial use and transform them into functional art.
Every piece is a unique and one-of-a-kind.

These fixtures are made with new UL approved components, great attention to detail and the highest quality parts. Made by hand in our Florentine, Israel, workshop. Each light is tested and inspected before being sent to the customer.