Expressive Rain Gutter

Expressive Rain Gutter 1 • Home Improvement

I won’t do that at home but…

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Bill Thomson

Gives visual meaning to the expression it is ‘Pissing Rain’! Fun Stuff!

gille monte ruici



This is amazing!


Where’re do I buy one?

Kate O Connell

Majic connie☺☺☺????????????????????????

Bernice Wood

I bet that is a plumbers’ merchant’s porta-cabin :D

Doris Rick

Imeri Muzafer auch eine Idee ????

Rod Jennings

David Budahazy could make this

Franka Stein

Christa, den kannste dir noch bauen lassen ????

Christa Hoff
Reply to  Franka Stein

ja der fehlt noch in unserer Sammlung :-)

Matthias Etherwood

Pooch Red André Rother Frank Chrissulis

Heather Storm

Jason Kornmueller you need this rain gutter!????

Jackie Walker

Sarah Wright
Matt needs to do the down pipes doesn’t he?

Sarah Wright
Reply to  Jackie Walker

Lol! That’s funny!! We’re off to see the wizard……. ???? X

Craig Triplett

Jesse Farmer: Do you think Natasha Farmer would let you build this at your house? ;-)

Jesse Farmer
Reply to  Craig Triplett

If i had a garage i totally would

Marc Armbruster

Orlando Muñoz – think Nicole will let you put one of these along the house? ????

Lisa Sinclair

I want one!

Maureen Mosley

That is so good.

Sheila McCarthy-Taylor

Hysterically funny!

Rowan Oldmate

Get your mind out of the gutter!

Lourdes Gala Santos

Iain, ideal gutter for your new patch?! ????????

Susan Whelan Doorley

Terry Doorley….we were only talking about getting a water butt the other day!! Think this is better idea though!????

Terry Doorley

I have to get a Willie warmer for the winter for him

Anna Léna Souffir

Katharina pour BQC

Ewa Esbjörnsson

Ja tycker jag att ni kan ha!

Roland Delestrac

Une idée pour Eric Hoferic.

Liza Ní Cheallaigh

Damien Gash nxt project

Damien Gash


Sonya Lauren

Gareth Jenkins.. here’s idea 4 my garage guttering lol

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