by Júlia Gispert I Saura

Curtain Made of Recycled Nespresso Coffee Capsules

After picking some used Nespresso coffee capsules, and making lots of little handcrafts, I had the idea of making a curtain to separate the kitchen and the dining room.
Once the capsules were empty, clean and dry, I flattened them with a nylon hammer, to avoid leaving any mark on them, I selected them by colors and I started sticking them with a hot glue gun in a nylon string previously tied to the rod which is the support of the curtain. I decided the design and the color combination, and after lots of coffees and a big dose of patience… Here is my curtain! It’s really laborious, but also very nice. The effort is worthwhile.





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Vroni Serenity via Facebook
Vroni Serenity via Facebook


Original Cloth via Facebook

love this!

La Paquita via Facebook

very cool!!!!

Maria Abruzzese

very nice! I recycle the Nespresso capsules to make rings ,necklaces and Christmas decorations.
Thank you for sharing the idea

Maria Abruzzese

very nice!

Elisabeth Gispert

By the artist > Júlia Gispert Saura

Júlia Gispert Saura

Oh! My curtain! <3 <3 <3

Ulrika Enström

Som jag undrat vad vi ska göra med alla dessa! Tänk vad fint i dörren på en husbil Lars!

Susan Whelan Doorley

Siobhán Todaro….something for you to whip up in all that spare time you’re gonna have with the kids going back to school this week!!?

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