More About Flasks From Used Glass Bottles

You can see the previous post on my flasks on Recyclart, where I’ talking about the idea… and stuff…
And here’s two flasks. The red (or burgundy) one at first. I’ve already said in the previous post that cutting off the pieces of leather on sides of finished flask neck was not the best idea, but it worked out good here. The little “horns” on the shoulders of the bottle give it somewhat devilish look especially combined with the red color of leather and the scar on the side. The leather I used is a scrap cut offs from a local furniture manufacturer. They are the areas by the edges of the hide and have a lot of holes, stretches and all sorts of defects which I used in my favor. You can see what’s inside through that hole… The cap is a standard aluminum one which I sanded down to the bare metal. I painted a flower on it :), but there’s obviously much more creative things can be done.
The second flask is the “Dead Cat ” flask. It’s made almost in the same way as the others but with two pieces. The leather I used is a really old piece. I even thought: “eeeehm…maybe I should throw it away” which happens pretty rarely. I’d rather make some crappy thing out of it and get rid of it eventually by giving someone as a present. Also, I keep a garlic tincture in these flasks which apparently proves that I’m not a vampire.
R.I.P Abyss

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