Flip-flop Story

Objects made from recycled flip-flop found on the beaches in Africa, nice job !

A flip-flop story by Studio Schneemann:
It are the Flip Flops’ telling the story. They are discoloured, worn, torn, patched up and eventually tossed away or lost. After a long trip through Asia or Africa they end up in sewers and in the ocean. Then they are washed up on the shores of Eastern Africa. There they are found, collected, and eventually reclaimed. Turned into a collection of sustainable design objects in which the eventful travel tales of worn Flip Flops is captured and translated.”

Flip-flop Story 1 • Accessories
Flip-flop Story 2 • Accessories
Flip-flop Story 3 • Accessories

Flip-flop Story 4 • Accessories
Flip-flop Story 5 • Accessories
Flip-flop Story 6 • Accessories


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Sonia Contreras Toledo via Facebook

Samantha Paige Ginni… see the rest of this page.. its awesomme

Elena Kukharskaya via Facebook


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