The Social Network Era

By marcopisano

I know but I like.

Shrine: A Torii Gate (Where the Spirits Are More Likely to Hear Your Prayers)

By Benoit Maubrey

SHRINE opens at the Kobe Biennale on September 19th until Nov 23rd 2015 A public interactive sound sculpture that allows the spectators to express themselves and play music and messages […]

Volcano: Eco-design Workshop For Children

By Neokentin

VOLCANO is a workshop/school of eco-design that produces and teaches children, young people and adults to create games and educational toys from post consume packaging and alternative materials. When throwing […]

The Swimming Pool Is In The Bag With Les Eco-actions

By Neokentin

These objects are made of old pool liner. We called them “RESAC, the pool is in the bag“. We use old used communication banners to create our bags but we […]

Soda Cans 1930’s Pick-up

By Opensources

The association Open Sources is transforming a 2012 truck into a 1930’s American pick-up. This project was done for the dance biennale of Lyon. A social and ethic project realized […]

The Social Lamellaphone – A Unique Musical Instrument

By Neokentin

The social lamellaphone is a unique acoustic instrument for experimental music making and exploration of cooperative creativity. 
Derived from the musical technology of the familiar African ‘thumb piano’ (ie kalimba, […]

Free Library

By Neokentin

Love those ideas of free libraries. Take a book and replace it with one you have already read.

From Trash to Treasure

By Neokentin

Artist Patric Rozario was contacted by the Environment Department of The Pearl-Qatar to create an art installation using plastic bottles and bottle caps. He took on this project to create […]

Avan’garde Crafts by Ana Nedelcu

By Neokentin

Nowadays, we assist to more and more of youth sustainable initiatives from all around the world. One of these initiatives is the concept of Avan’garde Crafts or AnARTivism created 8 years […]

Car Hoods Repurposed Into Sculpture

By Neokentin

Car hoods repurposed into sculpture in Petaluma, CA.

Parsova Piano Project

By Neokentin

Our church was damaged by hurricane Sandy and we did not have flood insurance. One of the old upright pianos was damaged. So we removed the keys, the inner mechanisms […]

Street Gold App Idea : For the Recyclers !

By Neokentin

Pascal contacted us few times ago to present us its project and we loved it ! Now the project is launched and you can go on SellAnApp in order to […]

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