Fred the Friendly Fish – Plastic Oceans & Household Plastics

I was incredibly fortunate to go snorkeling in Slaughter Bay, Norfolk Island. A tiny island in the South Pacific.

The bay has a pristine coral reef & an abundance of tropical fish. It felt like paradise. Whilst swimming I noticed I was being followed by a technicolor Parrot Fish. A memory I hold close & share with my family who shared a similar experience. I was surprised to find out this fish was known & named by the locals “Fred the Friendly Fish“.

I found it touching that a bay named after the Whaling trade had now become a place so precious & valued that individual fish were acknowledged. I choose to honour this fish using the materials most at hand. Our household plastics. Sadly the latest threat to this environment.

Fred the Friendly Fish – Parrot Fish Scaridae

Materials: Household Plastics

Dimensions: 70cm x 140cm x 14cm / 27.56in x 55.12in x 5.51in

Fred the Friendly Fish - Plastic Oceans & Household Plastics 1 • Recycled Art


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