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The Art of Recycling: Transform Trash Into Pieces of Art

By Neokentin

There is a growing consciousness towards how and what we dispose of as trash every day of our lives. The world is starting to become a difficult place to live […]

Fred the Friendly Fish – Plastic Oceans & Household Plastics

By sandie m sutton

My own household plastics reused to create a sculpture & encourage consideration for our environment.

Great Egret, Plastic Re-creation

By sandie m sutton

Using household plastics to create art forms like this Great Egret.

Post-apocalyptic Metal Robot Art Haunts Your Future

By InvokalInk

The war raged on between the Robocrons and the Mechanaughts for centuries. Once the machine army had risen up to take control there was little hope left for humanity. Where once they had built our vehicles, grown our food and even cleaned our homes, now they served up only justice. Cold, calculating revenge as reparations for decades of beck and call. It started in the factories. Repair people going missing here and there, ‘power off’ switches mysteriously disappearing. Products shipping out with deadly-gas-inflated popping packing. Drones dive bombing O.A.Ps in the market…

Connection – Recycled Metal Sculpture

By Rusty Sculptures

This is a piece from a couple of years ago, it captures the bond between father and son. Created from 100% recycled materials.

Industrial Metal Lamp Upcycled From Salvaged Moto

By Antoni

Lucmo lamps are made from parts found at scrap, parts connected to each other create the neo-industrial and post-apocalyptic form which up with warm amber light, underlining the form of […]

Trash No, Treasure Yes!

By Neokentin

This exciting piece of art, that once was only waste material destined for the landfill or littering parks, highways, getting caught in trees, clogging gutters and sewers, and even pose […]

Scrap Art By Waldemar Sha

By Neokentin

Here are sculptures I made from some scrap parts.

Junky Lamp

By Neokentin

Lucmo lamp made from parts found in the scrap. Lights up very nicely and has an unconventional look. It will be a good present in large loft spaces and also […]

Recycled Robots

By Neokentin

Little wee robots made from recycled bicycle, car, motorcycle, and plane parts that come together to form abstract art with personality and function.

Scrap Robots Art

By deivisesp

Several examples of Robots made with scrap.

Assemblage of Junk Art

By GregPDX

I created a body of assemblage work during my art residency at the Metro Transfer Station (Portland, OR)…a local program that sends artists out to the “city dump” for several […]

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