Freebie Diy: Recycled Food Storage Lid Organizer

I’m currently attempting to become more organized in my home. My first stop in the kitchen was the cabinet containing food storage containers. The cabinet was in such a sad shape that you literally had to shove things inside and quickly slam the door in the hopes that nothing would fall out. While I was able to neatly stack all the containers neatly inside themselves by size, I was still left with the problem of organizing all the lids. Here is how I finally conquered that beast by recycling an ordinary box into a functional new organizer.


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For the last two years I’ve had all my plastic containers (and their lids) slung in a toy hammock across an unused corner of my kitchen. Highly visible so they are easy to grab (and match up), and out of the cabinets!! My 90-year-old aunt suggested this when I had complained about the problem. Bought the toy hammock at WalMart for under $10. But I think I love your box for other things in the pantry (sauce packets, rice and/or noodle mix packets, etc). Box to be sized as needed!

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