by Aurore Ney

Furniture & Decoration With Equipments From Old Cars

Cars that end at the scrap yard because they aren’t repairable anymore are often full of things that can be reused for decoration. So I decided to realize some things with equipments from old cars, I named this little collection “Still on the road”.

I first made a double car chair for my lounge. When I needed a coat racks, I decided to use gear shifts. Finally as I like the mirrors, I bought few cars mirrors.

The coat racks is only composed of two pieces of wood, the first one is painted and the second one covered with adhesive film (industrial design) and few screw. It’s easier to realize than the chairs and the mirrors. For these last ones, it is necessary to be a good handyman and well equipped.

For the mirrors I took a piece of wood, that I covered with the same adhesive film than the coat rack. Every mirror is fixed with a metal rod and bolts.

The chairs are fixed with many screws on a pedestal of wood (from an old console).



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