by Fradier Mélissa

Garbage Design: Eco Design in Women

I started in eco design 3 years ago. My studio is located in the south of France, in the heart of Provence. Passionated about antiques, I give new life to forgotten objects. Furnitures, lighting, accessories, jewellery, I try to rewrite the history of objects that have ever lived. Each of my creations is unique and original, signed by a bolt and a chain. 1OO% hand made …. in France. I hope you enjoy my creations.


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Gilles (Garbage) Eichenbaum
Gilles (Garbage) Eichenbaum

Thanks for sharing one of my best imitator’s work. For more than 3 years now that stupid ass even counterfeits my brand name & slogan… Hope it will help her internet referencing.

Linda Krysinski via Facebook
Linda Krysinski via Facebook

Drives me nuts when people take others ideas and use them as their own – feel for you.


Ho I had not seen this nice comment. Re-establish the truth… A killer post from 3 lines is a little easier! The word imitation is a bit excessive. For information we have 2 things in common: the word Garbage (Garbage design is my brand and it is filed) then we make both lightin with diverted materials. With a bit of curiosity and objectivity, you realize quickly that our job is totally different. For the slogan I do not see the report. In short an evil ego placed… Can be there the feeling to be out of the thigh of Jupiter!… Read more »

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