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Green Decorations & Table Accessories For A Festive Xmas Arrangement

Carine H.C.R. eco designs work is based on sustainable practices through different items made in recycled and natural materials. For this holiday project, she made a mix with a selection of the fall / winter collection of her eco-friendly items (soda cans turned into multifunctional reuse as candle holder, chocolate box also, recycled fine Italian leather turned into brooches reused to maintain the table runner to the tablecloth and, little bouquets of recycled straws as green floral design arrangement) with diverse accessories found in thrift shops in wood (for candle holder and glass (for little vase). Other natural materials are used to enhance the green choice: tablecloth, table runner, and little gift box are made with natural fibers (jute and raphia), knife rest is created with natural shell and the containers for salt and pepper are designed with recycled aluminum.

You can fin more details of this project on our Facebook page. And more details about “Green events” planned by Carine H.C.R. eco-design here.

Have a green day and enjoy!






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