Handmade Mirrors from Upcycled Wood and Driftwood

For modern or classic style homes, handmade wooden mirrors from recycled wood and driftwood are a good idea to decorate with style in many variations.
The original idea is simple and you can either transform a simple mirror you already have, either by constructing a simple wooden frame from upcycled wood or driftwood in a mirror in any dimension you want.
You can leave the wood in its natural paint them or dye them with a special varnish for wood in the color of your choice while obvious defects or damage to the wood will give different style and personality in the construction …
The construction will take shape depending on “your findings” of driftwood and upcycled wood and will be unique and non recurring mirror. If you already have a mirror you can transform it easily – and cheap – by sticking around wood pieces and driftwood with a wood glue or silicone, using color or color ageing technick or combination of colors and materials…
Depending on the space and style that dominates, select the size and style that will give the mirror drawing inspiration from the following beautiful rooms.



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alex pulido
alex pulido

It’s a good way to recycle and beautify the environment

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