Hawaiian Style Terrific Turtle Tile Art For Indoors Or Outdoors

Turn those leftover kitchen tiles and upcycle a garage sale table into this Terrific Turtle Tile Art. I made a mosaic that’s reminiscent of Hawaiian turtles.

Make Terrific Turtle Tile Art  – or any theme you want for a custom wall art or even a functional table!

First, I used leftover kitchen tiles in two different tones and broke them up into small pieces. I used leftover grout and adhesive and bonded the tile pieces down into the shapes I wanted. Then, I applied the white grouting to fill in around the tile pieces. A little bit of redwood finished off the project, and now I have some beautiful wall art that makes me think of Hawaii! I hope this Terrific Turtle Tile Art inspires you to make your own upcycled art piece!

Terrific Turtle Tile Art

Beautifully done! Now, how about a fun way to turn old shoes into garden planters?

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Pamela Snow

Looks good

Ruth Wilkinson

Very sweet……thanks Jodi :-) x

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