Recycled Drink Cans Into Decorative Flowers

By JWaligoraArt

Flowers made from recycled drink cans.

Modern Pvc Pipe Birds Make Unique Yard Art!

By Neokentin

Turn a PVC pipe into these amazing birds for your yard. Using some basic tools, you can easily create your own birds and gift them or sell them.

Mondheim Recycled Metal Birdhouse

By rbk

Steel bird house from scrapped pipe, plate, bars and rods.

Hawaiian Style Terrific Turtle Tile Art For Indoors Or Outdoors

By mimi

Turn those leftover kitchen tiles and upcycle a garage sale table into this Terrific Turtle Tile Art. I made a mosaic that’s reminiscent of Hawaiian turtles. Make Terrific Turtle Tile […]

Gravity Glue: The Art of Balancing Rocks

By Neokentin

Michael Grab is an artist who has mastered the art of rocks balancing. He explains on his website how he does it. The most fundamental element of balancing in a […]

Broken Clay Pot Into Mini Garden

By Neokentin

A lovely mini garden made with broken clay pot!

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