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This category is dedicated to home improvement projects, ideas and inspirations made from recycled & upcycled materials.

Repurposed Wood To Build Giant Root You Can Explore

By Neodim

The work of Henrique Oliveira can be viewed in many locations around the world, from Washington DC to Sao Paulo, Brazil, where he lives and works. His last work can be […]

Shower Floor Made Out Of 5382 Pennies

By Rancher Girl

Create a beautiful shower floor with pennies, for this one, 5382 pennies were used!

Lot-ek Container Installation

By Neodim

LOT-EK was commissioned to design a special architectural installation for the Whitney Museum of American Art. The Whitney Studio installation will be located in the Sculpture Court of the museum’s […]

Nescafe Project

By Neokentin

The need to utilize commercial waste inspired me to create this installation. Used coffee & tea cups have been marked with mixed media. Acrylic paint, miniature stickers and paper craft […]

Wine Barrel Hostel

By Neokentin

This wine barrel “village” is located next to the Ptuj Thermal Park, a kilometer from the centre of the city of Ptuj in Slovenia. These wine barrels were previously used to store wine (15,000 liters!) […]

Red House With Salvaged Doors in Liverpool

By Neokentin

This house is located at Great George Street (Liverpool) and celebrates regeneration and revival. The house fronts are made from doors salvaged from local housing stock that has been renewed.

Crates Used as Room Divider and Deco in a 70m² Apartment

By Neodim

Look at this beautiful use of plastic crates as a predominant decoration element in this 70m² apartment in Sao Paulo!

Crates Used as Decoration for Sushizilla’s Restaurant in Sydney

By Neodim

The interior of the Sushizilla restaurant pays tribute to early computer games raster graphic through the ingenious use of rectilinear geometry exhibited in the coloured square tiles and  repurposed milk […]

Fireplace Decorated With 5,400 Pennies

By Neodim

The tile in our dining room fireplace was old and severely damaged so after some Google inspiration and pricing new tiles; we went with pennies!! Check out our penny fireplace […]

Old Shipping Containers Into Modern House In Savannah

By Neodim

As a port city, Savannah has an abundance of obsolete shipping containers. Artist Julio Garcia re-purposed two of these containers to create his residence and studio in the Savannah woods.

Vintage Hotel In Barcelona

By Neodim

Let me present you the Chic and basic Ramblas hotel in Barcelona!

Ephemeral Wine Barrels Bar

By Neokentin

An ephemeral bar made from old wine barrels by Rara Woulib theater company (France). This is recycled art! :)

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