Dutch Mountain House From Krft Is Recovering Old Things Brought From Everywhere

01 West Facade

Dutch Mountain is a home for a young family, in which the natural context was the start for a hyper-sustainable, semi-underground house. By buying the house in an artificial mountain, but keeping it open to a maximum on the south side, passive energy is used to the maximum and the house emerges in its context. The main idea in this beautiful interior is “recovering old things brought from everywhere”. It reminds us this loft  that was focused on repurposing several items. And the result is highly original trend. Enjoy all photos here :)

02 North West corner

03 South Facade

04 North Facade

05 East Facade

06 Living Space

08 Kitchen

09 Crucified for its sins against the climate

10 Cave Bed Room

11 Kids Room

12 Study

Everything has been designed to save energy in a place designed to produce more than it spends. For this eccentric project, the architects used repurposing at its best avoiding ready-made solutions and ready-to-think ideas. When Lucas, Sanne’s husband, head of one of the largest Dutch advertising agencies, decided to sacrifice his polluting Daimler  to the ecological cause, the architects did not hesitate even if they had to transform it before installing the roof. It ‘s now a repurposed cabinet for organic liqueurs and cookbooks by Jamie Oliver.


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Josh Kerr Tattooist

I like it :)

Karin Adolph


Jess Brown
Jess Brown

Beautiful and stunning!

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