Crazy Cool and Ingenius Earth-ships

Hobbit Houses! Actually, they are Earthships!
An earth-ship is an unique type of house which grows food, produces energy, cleans water, moderates temperature, and turns trash into treasure!

Have you ever noticed that humans are the only species that have the concept of “waste”? In nature, everything is part of a beautiful cycle of life. One of the most amazing things about Earth-ships is that it turns what society considers “trash” into treasure – soda cans become building materials, glass bottles become stained glass art, discarded tires become vessels for earth walls, can lids become outlet covers…

When we walked into the earth-ship that we were staying at, the guide told us “Please don’t try to conserve water! Take nice long showers, the plants need it!”

Here we are in the middle of a harsh New Mexico desert, yet inside by the sunny south window, there’s an oasis of flowering and fruiting plants thriving. The water in an Earth-ships comes from harvested and filtered rainwater. Shower water is filtered to feed the plants, and sink water is filtered to flush the toilet.







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Susana Godefroy

génial , c’est où?

Jeni San


Gerhard Helml

Leider in meinem Land für, sagen wir mal Privilegienlose undurchführbar!

Cheryl Craig
Cheryl Craig

to say something nice would be understating the whole process. wow

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