How To Make A Vertical Garden From Pallet Wood

If you’ve got vibracrete boundary walls on your property, we’ve made a tutorial video and step-by-step instructions explaining how to make a stunning pallet wood clip-on vertical garden that you can clip over the top transform bland into beautiful (full details of the process).

We’ve also got more detailed info on vertical gardening and living walls here.

Step By Step Instructions:

  • We used the wood pallet for our vertical garden; we removed the 2 narrow boards with a pound hammer and crowbar.
  • Knock out the nails with a claw hammer, then remove them.
  • Cut out half of the central board with a jigsaw. Use a speed square to keep the cut straight.
  • Straighten one edge of each board using the jointer sled, and table saw.
  • We cut the narrow boards into thin strips in our design and cut the central board into a wide ribbon. If you need more wood, dismantle the central panel from another pallet and use that.
  • Cut the boards down to the appropriate size using a fence and stop block on the miter saw.
  • Place the pallet on your workbench and fix the strips in place with waterproof wood glue and brad nails.
  • Time to don a dust mask and face shield, then go to town on your vertical garden with the angle grinder to remove any dirt/marks and smooth out the wood to a more pleasing finish.
  • Flip the vertical garden on its back and position the hooks appropriately (avoiding the nails in the pallet blocks).
  • Drill pilot holes, then drive the screws home with an impact driver.
  • Carry the vertical garden out to your wall, then lift it into place. The hooks will sit beautifully over the wall, holding your newly fashioned pallet wood vertical garden securely in place.
How To Make A Vertical Garden From Pallet Wood 1 • Recycled Pallets
How To Make A Vertical Garden From Pallet Wood 3 • Recycled Pallets


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