The Bike Mower !

Reuse a bike into the coolest mower on earth! :)

The Bike Mower ! 1 • Upcycled Bicycle Parts

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Patrizia Iacino
Patrizia Iacino

This is fantastic! I love this idea!

Tom Kabat
Tom Kabat

In building my Mower-bike I found it works best with a vertical head tube to steer and balance during turns.

Amjad Durrani
Amjad Durrani

Tom Just saw your post about the Mower bike, very interesting, does it really help? instead of using the actual Mower?
How did you put it together?

Creative Junk - Early Childhood Resource Centre

Looks like a lot of fun! :D


Very nice, very interesting and very fun: D

Sonia Marie Dunbar

Makes me wish I had a garden ?

Michelle Sutherland

Wayne Dad there ya go, mower issue solved ??

Wayne Sutherland

That would be good for you

Marianela Chianelli

Noe Monsanto doris, comprate una de estas jajaa

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