How to Teach Kids to Go Green with Games

Promoting the benefits of recycling to children is a key to preserving our environment, by explaining to them how it keeps items out of landfills that most of the time won’t rot away and how to recycle specific items such as cardboard and glass.

The key to this is getting them involved, you obviously can’t have them wandering around picking up half broken bottles and sharp can lids that they could easily slice themselves open on.

So why not make a game based around recycling, a game that will teach them the basics that they can practice at home under the watchful eye of their parents.

So here’s a little guide on how make your own recycling game at home:

  1. Use black pen and draw a 10 inch circle and an 8-inch circle onto the center of a large piece of green card. Use the black pen to create twelve evenly spaced sections around the track you’ve made on the green card.
  2. Write the words: “Ready, Set, Recycle” on one area of the card. Then either add a sticker or draw a small Earth on another space with the words “Thank you” next to it.
  3. You can then add various recycling theme symbols throughout the spaces as well as any bonuses you like such as “Go back one space” or “miss a turn”.
  4. Apply the board to a piece of chipboard and cut the outline of the board out to give it a sterner back. You can also laminate it to protect it from stains and use it again for future lessons.
  5. Next create roughly about fifty various cards with different recycling trivia questions on them. The questions can range anywhere from what you can’t recycle, information about the Earth or the different ways to recycle a specific type of item.For an added touch, you could create little tasks on each one such as “You have thirty seconds to unplug a redundant appliance in your house” or “You have one minute to recycle something properly”.
  6. You can use an assortment of game pieces, but it’s probably best to either use animals or small plastic plants to keep with the theme of protecting the planet.
  7. Next are the rules. Tell the players to place the pieces on the “Ready, Set, Recycle” section of the board and have the youngest player draw one of the fifty cards. The youngest player can then answer the question on the card carry out the task or give the card to another player. Players move ahead one space for every correct answer and task carried out properly, but if they fail to answer a question or perform poorly, the have to go back a space. The winner is the first person to get to the “Thank you” square at the end of the board.


But you don’t just have to use a homemade board game to promote recycling, you could even create a Bingo game based around it since it’s relatively easy and quick to make.

recycle kids game - bingo

Plus it holds the attention of children for longer as well as promoting educational growth and social interaction amongst various groups of kids.

If you’re unsure about how to style your Bingo game, why not check out Bingo site like this one for a bit of inspiration or even just to refresh yourself on the rules of Bingo.

Teaching our children the importance of it now means that years from now when we’re gone, they’ll be guiding the next generation with the same environmental ideals we left behind.

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