by Josie Ross

Josie Art: Sculptures From Found Objects

I make anything and everything from stuff that I find. In Appledore, the little fishing village where I live I’m known as “the bag lady” it has become a bit of an obsession but a good one and I often find things that people don’t want on my doorstep. I turn them into something useful and that makes my world go around.

How about melted records as bowls, bent cutlery for hooks, old and broken china into mosaic mirrors and clocks. My best creation yet is the Teredactile/chicken I could go on and on.

My little workshop gallery is called, “Sea Green of Appledore“. Come and see me if you’re ever in Devon or look at my quirky website

Josie Art: Sculptures From Found Objects 1 • Recycled Art

Josie Art: Sculptures From Found Objects 2 • Recycled Art

Josie Art: Sculptures From Found Objects 3 • Recycled Art


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C.S. Alexis
C.S. Alexis

You rock, we are soul sisters! I love your work. I love to hunt, find junk and make things out of it. This is my passion and yours….kuddos

Linda Winchell
Linda Winchell
Reply to  C.S. Alexis

What did she use inbetween the pieces of broken china. I see it’s blue in color but can’t find out what she’d used. Do you know?

Suzanne Gailey via Facebook

Diging the kitty head in a teacup.

Linda Winchell

A nice way to display all of Grandma’s chipped china.

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