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The Jalopy: Vintage Car Art Sculpture

By Neokentin

This piece is a vintage car art sculpture by Ferdinand Metz. The sculpture is made from found objects like a vintage gas can, a cigar box, stroller wheels and more. […]

Botts Dots Lane Reflector Upcycled Owls

By Starved Raccoon Artistic Creations

From the streets to my kitchen.. .nesting owls!

Iron Fish from Recycled Dishware

By gille monte ruici

Usually we say fish contains lots of omega 3 , these two contain a lot of iron !

T.n.s. Anson Jones: Recycled Sculpture by Michael Horvath

By Gallerippleart

Galleripple artist Michael Horvath creates wonderful maritime stories and model ships out of recycled findings. He calls his creations the “Deep Six Fleet” – an old nautical term for items […]

Abstract Assemblages Made From Flotsam & Found Objects

By Neokentin

These are small sculptures that I’ve assembled in the summer of 2014. They’re mainly made from baltic sea flotsam and found objects from a trip to the german islands of […]

Sur Le Zinc / Upcycled Zinc Gutter Art

By Neokentin

Flat pieces of zinc gutter with objects found in the street = “sur le zinc”.

Environmental Folk Art

By Neokentin

The next time you notice a shattered, cracked or fragmented piece of wood or metal laying in the street, imagine seeing it creatively reused in a piece of art work. […]

Little Red Chicken Coop

By 100rings

These pieces are made completely from rescued, recycled and repurposed materials. Nothing is wasted here and each piece is green and sustainable. Searching the streets and parking lots of my […]

Wunkywerks Found Object Guitars

By Wunkywerks Guitars

Wunkywerks “Found Object” guitars house resonators created using recycled, up-cycled and re-purposed items that had former lives as serving dishes, lighting components, jewelry and drawer hardware. Anything is fair game.

Shadows of Colors

By VendeDora de Sombras

Who doesn’t know how to make a shadow of a rabbit, crocodile or bird with a light and hands? I always loved it and one night I tried to make […]

18 Gorgeous and Useful Things To Make From Old Glass

By a piece of rainbow

Are you looking for inspiring ideas to re-use glass bottles, jars, vases, etc, which we all have around our home? Before you take them all to the recycle bin, check […]

Paint A Galaxy In 30 Minutes With Recycled Objects

By a piece of rainbow

In this detailed tutorial, all you need is spray paint, paper, and things you can find in your recycle bin, such as lids, cans, newspaper and cardboard! No art training […]

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