by Janis Pinkston

Junk Mother

This 6′ tall early 1980’s statue was recycled from household items including (but not limited to) burnt-out light bulbs, bottle caps and lids, a shower hose, a vacuum cleaner hose, clear plastic containers and more. The “Junk Mother” has 2 children made from styrofoam packing forms and other kinds of packaging. They were inspired by the altar made by Washington, D.C. janitor/artist James Hampton in the National Gallery of Art which was made from discarded items from the building he cleaned for a living.

Junk Mother 1 • Recycled Art
Junk Mother 2 • Recycled Art
Junk Mother 3 • Recycled Art


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Janis Pinkston via Facebook
Janis Pinkston via Facebook

…hmmm…this looks familiar

Terri Bett

love x

Sara Verdier


Kaz Jones


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