Lamp “Ican” Hanging Light

This is an elaborate creative lamp with an original design concept. The lamp is made out of large discarded metallic food container (large coffee cans). Four can halve shaped and cut are assembled together to reflect an elaborate creative hanging lamp.

All edges have been filed down but can still be sharp. Flaps on both sides have exposed wrought can opener ridges. Each individual side flap can be adjusted sideways +/- 120 degrees to reflect the light where you need it. Small wing nuts can be used to adjust the smooth operation or lock them at their preferred adjusted level. Threaded screws hold all the pieces in place to give this special lighting setup.

The whole lamp is hung with a modified chain and threaded rods. The lamp is not painted and left as is. It is in working order & in very good condition. Although, it can be used inside a covered patio the lamp fixture is not rated for outdoor use. When lit, the lamp gives a unique glow and shadow effect on the surrounding surfaces. The images show the lamp with the light off/on to show the effects.

The lamp’s maximum size is 36” wide x 7” deep x 7” tall. The hanging height can be modified based on the need.

FYI, this lamp has been sold. There is no light switch but one can be put in-line. It would go very well with a dimmer light switch. I include four (4) G8 base with four (4) 25W/110V halogen bulb, electrical wire, and plug.

It is wired for both 110V and 220V. The bulb is what will need to be changed to reflect your voltage. One can also change the applicable electrical plug to fit your wall electrical receptacle. In any case, this table lamp will work for both voltages.

Lamp "Ican" Hanging Light 1 • Lamps & Lights
Lamp "Ican" Hanging Light 3 • Lamps & Lights
Lamp "Ican" Hanging Light 5 • Lamps & Lights
Lamp "Ican" Hanging Light 7 • Lamps & Lights
Lamp "Ican" Hanging Light 9 • Lamps & Lights
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