Lamp “Ican” Hanging Light

By jjdo

Four discarded cans made into one large hanging lamp.

Tea Boxes Becomes Lamps

By eco-lodie

I’m always looking for vintage patterns and I scale them to the scale of the box to stick them on and give the box this vintage effect. This what we […]

Recycled Inner Tubes & Cans Jewelry by Ckoasa

By Ckoasa Ckoasa

We are a family who, from Nouméa, Sydney, and Melbourne, create, design and produce unique jewelry. We praise the protection of our environment and especially the lungs of our planet, […]

Recycling Cans Into Tiny Planters / Reciclado De Latas

By Tusmanosylasmias

The painting of the cans was done with synthetic turquoise and yellow enamel. Mix the turquoise and the yellow paint, and after drying, you will have a beautiful green color. Then, […]

Don’t Throw It Away! Transform Your Kitchen Instead!

By Neokentin

Thinking of giving your kitchen a facelift? Known for being one of the most commonly used rooms in the home, the kitchen can frequently need to be spruced up or […]

Aluminum Can Poinsettia Art – Door Hanging

By Shannon117711

I like to create art pieces using items that I believe are “salvageable” and can be re-purposed. With this piece, I used 14 aluminum cans, two 2-liter, and two average […]


By Neokentin

Found object robot assemblage sculpture made from mostly vintage parts.

Each Robot is a veritable collection by itself. Constructed of all vintage pieces including tins, gauges, and other found objects, each piece is a one-of-a kind collectible bot. They are primarily put together with nuts and bolts.

Since most of the robot’s parts are vintage, each piece has a unique patina with wear, tear, scrapes, scratches, and dents that comes with items that are 50 to as much 75 years old.

Récupobots / Tiny Recycled Robots

By Neokentin

Tiny robots made from recycled household items, I’ve made them during one weekend. Ce sont des petits robots que je me suis amusé a faire ce week-end.

Necklace Out of a Bicycle Inner Tube & Soda Can Tabs

By bijouxfaitalamain13 (Isabel Naomi)

We are Isabel and Naomi. We like to use products that can be thrown away and turn these products into jewelry or decorations for your house. Here we used the […]

Upcycled Tin Can To Faux Ceramic Kitchen Utensil Holder

By Upcycled Design Lab

DIY Tutorial on how to give a tin can a faux ceramic look.

Soda Can Art

By RecyclingArt

Soda cans are a great material to use for art projects as they are so colorful. I cut them in different shapes and use them for pictures, mirrors or magnets.

The Lightest Earrings Made From Repurposed Cans

By Neodim

Hello folks! I’m Edi Oetinger, designer and owner of – eco friendly jewellery, handmade in Pembroksehire. u.k The idea has been slowly! But surely distilling away in the back of […]

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