Kitchen Island Customized With 20,000 Lego Pieces

Kitchen Island Customized With 20,000 Lego Pieces 1 • Home Improvement

The idea for Simon Pillard and Philippe Rossetti’s Lego kitchen sprouted five years ago, when Pillard put 500 blocks and a day’s worth of work into building a Lego-legged chair. The designing duo – who create products together under the name Munchausen – recently gave the seat a colorful companion. They covered their kitchen island – a simple wooden block – with 20,000 Lego pieces.

We design mostly in black and white

Rossetti says of their professional work.

Our apartment is our place for emotional release, the liberation of colors.


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The lego makes this such a fun kitchen! I’d love to cook there! :)

Looks like tons of work though…

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