The Litter Project

Leeds Metropolitan University art student Bess Martin is passionate about the environment and keeping her local area tidy. Over the summer, she started The Litter Project, which focuses on reducing litter and encouraging recycling in Leeds. To promote the project, Bess has created an art installation made from litter collected in the city and it’s currently on display in Leeds University.

The Litter Project 1 • Interactive, Happening & Street Art

This Aluminium metropolis sculpture is made up of two bin bags worth of used drinks cans.

The Litter Project 2 • Interactive, Happening & Street Art

This Plastic Sculpture is made out of four bin bags full of used plastic bottles and lids, and various carrier bags.

The Litter Project 3 • Interactive, Happening & Street Art

This 5ft tall dog is called Domino. He’s made out of about 150used pizza boxes (the greasy bits cut off).


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