Sturdy Shopping Trolley Using Upcycled Plastic Container

By Yolaki

Reuse a plastic cube inside a reusable shopping bag. Put some plastic brackets to ensure the bag to the chart. The chart was painted in grey color as the bag pattern. It works!

Salt Dough Frog Features Upcycled Decorative Stone Eyes

By Maya Rodriguez

Can you believe what flour salt and water can make a frog of course.

7 Beautiful Pallet Furniture You Can Materialize in a Weekend

By Homesthetics

A wonderful time we live in. We have access to raw materials, power tools, we can construct pretty much everything that desires with ease, in the comfort of our home, […]

Repair Kid Project

By Neokentin

Repair Kid is the project of Cis Deyl. She visits festivals, markets and schools with her (outstanding and cheerful looking, very old camper named ‘Tante’ – that’s Dutch for ‘Aunty’) […]

Postcard Book

By Neokentin

Just a little thing I made with old postcards and sticky ribbons left over from old projects.

Rubber Tree

By Neokentin

Make a Forest is a creative response to the need to preserve trees and change the way we think about dealing with our environment, locally and globally, in a sustainable […]

The Litter Project

By Neokentin

Leeds Metropolitan University art student Bess Martin is passionate about the environment and keeping her local area tidy. Over the summer, she started The Litter Project, which focuses on reducing […]

Mercado Negro by Ramon Coronado

By Neokentin

Mercado Negro is a Spanish word for Black Market. This project deals with reclaiming an ordinary, everyday object and transforming it into something with a completely different purpose. Ramon Coronado […]

Lighting Up Sarajevo !

By Neokentin

In Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Hercegovina, there are a number of poorly lit locations. Despite the fact that the city centre is generally well lit, there are some streets […]

We Waste !

By Neokentin

Placemats bought in charity shops and hand printed on the back with facts about food waste. They’re part of a project encouraging people to share multibuy offers in supermarkets.

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