by Giulia Talmacel

Make Upcycled Mini Notebooks: DIY Video Tutorial!

Learn how to make these cute upcycled mini notebooks! This project is fast and easy, and fun for the family! Use this idea as an outstanding mini-gift, such as a keyring. They make great pocket-sized notebooks, too!

Use fabric scraps, cardboard and more while having fun making adorable Mini Notebooks!

Mini Notebooks like this DIY Video Tutorial idea feature many upcycled items you can find in your craft room.
Go through your sewing and scrapbooking scraps and put ’em to use again! This project features many upcycling possibilities!
These Mini Notebooks are a great way to use old buttons, odd ribbon pieces and even leftover paper punch scraps from your memory boards and crafting projects.
If you have an old jar of buttons, now you’ll have ideas for them!
These Mini Notebooks make great gift ideas, or even gift tag ideas!
This idea makes a great gift idea or even a gift tag idea!


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