Upcycled Maps Into Bookmark

By ecogreenlover

Reuse old unused maps and make a bookmark with them.

Little Golden Book Clock

By pattysgreenart

Get the little golden book out of the attic and make it into a fun clock that is full of memories! This book clock is easy to make with a […]

Envelopes From Old Book Covers

By nikolgarg

When you are a part of a society where you need to give something on every occasion, it should be wrapped in some artistic envelope and why not make it […]

Christmas Ornaments From Old Books

By Paper Cut Studios

Reinventing Tramp Art and saving schools and libraries the high cost of disposal of books.

Make Upcycled Mini Notebooks: DIY Video Tutorial!

By Neokentin

Learn how to make these cute mini notebooks that you can use as key rings or as simple pocket-sized notebooks. They are very easy to do! Hope you’ll love them!

Earth’s Diverse Landscapes Crafted from Artistically Repurposed Maps & Books

By Neokentin

Chinese artist Ji Zhou works with pastel-colored maps and everyday books to transform these seemingly commonplace items into a range of diverse landscapes. He creatively reshapes old or used paper […]

Top 10 Ideas of Repurposing Old Books

By Neokentin

There are a number of unique and beautiful uses of old books. So why throw them out or just store them in some corner hoping to find some use someday? […]

5 Great Upcycled Pumpkin Ideas For This Halloween!

By Neokentin

Yes, my friends, Halloween is coming as Winter is coming :) and Halloween is the perfect period of the year to show to your friends and family you upcycling skills! […]

Books Into Stool

By Neokentin

What to do with old books, nobody wants to read any more. Well, you can make a wonderful stool out of them!

Altered Books Art

By Neokentin

I am a fan of books. I am sure that they are alive… So I look for these alone books, these part II without its part I, this book too old, this book without the sheets 23 to 31… All these orphan books. And then, with my scissors, I give them another life! Because believe me: Books are alive.

Recycled Book Crafts – DIY Christmas Balls

By Craft and Fun

No other holidays have such a magical and joyous preparation period as Christmas and if you decide to make the decorations and ornaments yourself, then Christmas will be all the […]

Beautiful Bookshelf Chair by Darko Kavazovic

By Neokentin

If you always need to have a book at hand, this bookshelf chair will be your best companion. This wooden chair has integrated shelving for 18 feet of books, which […]

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