Making a Coca-cola Bottle Light

I handmade this Coca-Cola bottle light from a used bottle and various items that I purchased specially to create the unique design.

The first step was to drill a 10mm round hole into the rear of the bottle using a diamond cutter drill bit – this isn’t easy as the glass is thicker in some places than others and can be prone to crack. Then I used a white grommet with a 9mm internal diameter to seal the cut edges and allow me to feed through the LED lights.

The next step was to feed the LED lights on wire through the hole, taking care to get the lights evenly balanced within the bottle – it helps to pull the end out of the neck and maneuver the lights around to get it evenly spread out. When I was happy with it I then sealed the end of the battery compartment into the grommet using superglue.

The final stage was to seal the neck of the bottle with a Coca-Cola red cap, using superglue to seal the cap to the bottle.

In total it took about 20 minutes to create each one and I have used different color LED lights with CR2032 batteries as this gives the longest life for the bottle light. Its quite unique as I haven’t seen anyone do anything like this before.







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Laurence Ottombrino Lepine

Pour une personne qui collectionne les bouteilles de coca


Sweet reminds of this project my sister did for my mom. Drilled a hole in the glass fed lights in side then used a bow set from a craft store, she used a plug though no battery, I like both ways. I wonder also if we could get a set of solar lights to work that way its both battery and saves in the long run as the solar should last longer recharging its self, what do you think? I have two bottles I was saving for a Terrarium project I think I might try what you did here but… Read more »

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